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Beat Down by Healfo Cosh Crew

A place for maces and tearing faces

Beat Down By Healfo Cosh Crew
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a rating community.

But better.

It's a cosh and evil themed community. IT IS NOT A HATING MARK DALY COMMUNITY. THAT JUST HELPS...God... you're not that important.

It's not hard to get in.


We will be brutal. We will hate you. We won't be joking.

We don't know html.

Make a post and, BEHIND A LIVE JOURNAL CUT, answer these simple questions.

1)What's your name?
2)Do you know/like Mark Daly?
3)List 5 bands that we won't hate.
4)Post 1 or more pictures.
5)Post a photo of you looking like a spazzy.
6)MOST IMPORTANTLY! What's your cosh?
(if your cosh is your own penis... think again.)
6)Why are you evil?
7)If we asked you to join, why do you think that was?

Then we'll decide.


If your photos look like this:


Also... THIS is a good spazzy photo. Take heed, assholes.

Your commanders are

thedoktor (One of those guns with a big sword attatched)


pennywisepunk (A rake with razor wire wrapped round the top)

And we think you're shit.

This is our commander in training, escape_renewal (Big freak off Branch (still with smaller branches and leaves) and/or Victorian table leg and/or SNES/Rolling pin (mothers) combo beatdown flavour)

We now have a sister community, also violence themed.. homocide

Accepted members -

alkalinefairy ( The maw's Kitchen Devil turkey prong)
goo_goo_doll (I can't really tell)
whatthedevil (a slave whip with claws)
fromthe__hip (A deadly red broom)
rhinotillexoman (A boxing glove bearing weapons)
ainzanntenaehat (Nunchucks)
copperpots (His hands and "jaggy" riffs on his bass)
gavinoholic (his fist that's been in yer maws pants and inside yer da and has strangled burrow fulls of cute little innocent rabbits aswell as dismantled lots of little kiddies from the jawline down)
kazmataz (Expolding umbrella and her face [I think])
mentalshieldsy (big fuck off pick axe handle with 5 nails hamered through)
xaeronautx (A very impressive huge knife)
daddycool (A clawhammer with a stanleyblade taped on top)
__withoutmakeup (A fucking meat cleaver, covered in festering human flesh, ridden with fatal illness, wrapped in barbed wire, set a-light)
xdeathbybikinix (a flesh man eating microwave with a meat cleaver and meat luncheon truncheon wi teef and his heavy mob)
pewp (His cock)
bethxcore (Her victim's severed arm/leg/cock)
furiousbal (Various shagging things with BIG FUCK-OFF spikes coming out of them)
ratcuntlove (Long distance fanny boags)
x_dont_stare_x (Mark Daly's face)
xlaffyx (An old, anorexic man with motor neurone disease shaped into the form on a fucking sword, with his bones sticking out)
veryproud_ofya (A dumbell bar with a few screw on bits plus a stanley blade attachment at the top, doused in chlamydia
joebah (The Twins)
song_of_glory (His fists)
fullycollapsed ( The Olsen twins)

Banned/Rejected members -

aviewtoakill (KILLED for being too scene)
deadlypoetic (DESTROYED for being the enemy and fighting back)
x_shelifer_x (MAIMED for being friends with deadlypoetic)
comicsadness (CHOPPED for not having any photos or a cosh)
no_glam (DEFACED for not having enough photos)
passera_loin (MAULED for being a fucking wank)
emoxxxedger (BROKEN for multiple reasons)
theboymolloy (SLAIN for being generally bollocks>
hondomaclean (SENT TO A VIOLENT EARLY GRAVE for using square brackets and taking the piss out of straight edge)
divineinfekt (DEFACED for being a stinkin masher)


....Cos we fucking love weaponry.