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Guess who's back.

Aye.That's right.

I've had enough time to recover and toughen up.Don't you even fucking question it.

1)What's your name?Nick but what the fuck is it to you?
2)Do you know/like Mark Daly?His nose makes a fucking beastly ski slope.
3)List 5 bands that we won't hate.Glassjaw, Norma Jean, Converge, Every Time I Die, Hondo Maclean.
4)Post 1 or more pictures.

5)Post a photo of you looking like a spazzy.

6)MOST IMPORTANTLY! What's your cosh? (if your cosh is your own penis... think again.Since my removal from the crew a few months back,I have searched long and hard for a new cosh to outdo all others.I present to you..


I have managed to exploit their weaknesses and now have them under my control through their drug problems and eating disorders.ALSO,they provide the perfect stealth aspect.Their innocent exteriors cover up their sinister intentions and brutal abilities.DON'T FUCKING MESS.

6)Why are you evil?That's a bit of a stupid fucking question.Who gives a fuck about my motives?!I'LL FUCKING SMASH YOU.

7)If we asked you to join, why do you think that was?It's about time they yous realised just what a mistake yous made.
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